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- Hey dude! Mix Heavy Metal, Metalcore and a little bit of Post Grunge.... Why not???

Many ideas in mind and a strong desire to make a different kind of sound was what motivated Deivid, Nei and Wagner to start rehearsing in a studio in the ABC region of São Paulo – Brazil.

Soon begins the searching for the guy responsible to give voice and another guitar player that would add heaviness and harmony to this mixture of sounds. After some tests to find the new members… BINGO!! Marcos on vocals and then Danilo on guitar. That’s it!!! They were ready to make a heavy, harmonious and dynamic sound, and that’s how Insane Driver was born!

With creative arrangements, heavy breakdowns and lyrics that speak about different subjects, such as day-by-day reflections, questions about society impositions and internal feelings, mixed with the most explosive feeling of the good and old Rock N’ Roll, the quintet worked hard in their first album, self-titled, Insane Driver.

You need to be Insane to keep your sanity!

This could be a brief definition of the band's sound, but to realize for sure where all of this can get, you need to listen to them.

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